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Briars & Brambles Books is thrilled to partner with the Windham Arts Alliance and the town of Windham to present the Windham Path Story Walk. The book changes each season. It is a free family-oriented activity. 100% of the proceeds from the current book sold at Briars & Brambles is donated to the Windham Arts Alliance. The Story Book Walk begins at the Route 23 entrance to the Windham Path.

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Walk together and enjoy a wonderful children's book and physical activity with family and friends. Follow the path while reading the book, talking about it, and even acting it out as you go along. Be sure to have lots of fun!

This Summer's Story Walk

The Serious Goose

by Jimmy Kimmel

How do you turn a serious goose into a silly goose? Jimmy Kimmel has the answer in his first picture book.

100% of proceeds from the sale of this book at Briars & Brambles will be donated to the Windham Arts Alliance

Our Previous Story Walk books

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